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Two other theories of Universal Chikung come from human physiology. They are the Theory of Network and the Theory of Sheath. According to Chinese conventional medicine, the human body has a complex network of pathways for the circulation and communication of the chi. Its channels are called jing, which literally means "meridian" or "pathway". Its collaterals are called lou, literally means "net" or "web". All together they are called tao, which literally means "road" or "route".

There are hundreds of junctions or stations along these routes. They are called hio, literally meaning "hole" or "port". (In the English acupuncture term they are called "point".) These ports have various names that contain words such as; gate, window, court, room, spring, stream, country, control, vessel, valley, pass, palace, etc., which may express their individual functions and specific characteristics.

Some of these ports function merely for internal circulation or communication. Some of them open to the body surface to communicate with the outside world, to exchange energy, spirit, etc., with nature or the universe.

Stimulating and activating these ports and routes, we can vitalize our body parts and systems, enhance their vitality and functions.

According to Hinduism, human body is composed of multiple layers of interpenetrating sheaths of subtle bodies, or physical and mental beings, which are made up of matter of different densities, from different planes.

Absorbing and assimilating the same or similar "matter" from the outside world, we can directly improve and increase our physical and mental power. This is also one of Universal Chikungís principle and practice.

The basic method and apparatus of practicing Universal Chikung are through our mind and by our hands. Mind power as well as chikungís power is so omnipotent. How to effectively use our mind and chikungís power will be one of the most important scientific studies. As to our hands, everyone knows they are very deft and always handy. They are forever the number one assistance to humankind.

All human creations in this natural world are accomplished by the cooperation of our mind and hands. We believe that human beings can also accomplish a supernatural creation of the chitao and chikung world, by the same mind and hands.

We also use the method of sound in our practice. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese already knew that music or sound could either relax or vitalize our mind and body. There are still chikung schools using the musical or sound method nowadays, but both their sounds and methods are too complicated. Universal Chikung uses only one sound and one method together. This sound and method is by mean of uttering a silent or audible groan.

From human beginnings, people have used this kind of sound waves (from silent sigh to soft groan to loud cry) to vibrate and stimulate our viscera and vessels, so as to increase our energy or decrease our affliction. With different amplitudes and frequencies of the sound wave, we can achieve different intentions. This kind of "uttering" using as methods of relaxation and alleviation or stimulation and elevation, is very easy and effective; because we have experienced it naturally for countless generations.

In addition, we emphasize the use of spontaneous movement. This kind of movement is designed cooperatively by the conscious mind, unconscious mind, subconscious mind and super conscious mind. It functions according to our bodyís specific needs and benefits. It is a natural movement, can most efficiently invigorate our body parts and systems; as well, increase our mental and spiritual abilities.

Moreover, Universal Chikung and Chitao apply natural respiration and spiritual meditation. We adopt comfortable breath rather than mind controlled, complicated, and uncomfortable breath. We adopt mindless and celestial types of meditation instead of mindful and mundane types of meditation. Chikung and chitao are natural and spiritual things.

The course of Universal Chikung starts from elementary simplicity, progresses to reasonable complexity, advances to natural simplicity. Finally, it needs not a single movement, needs not even a simple meditation. All things become completely silent and still, supremely peaceful and pure. From these silence, stillness, peacefulness and purity; we can unify and harmonize our body and mind, nature and humankind, energy and spirit, time and space; thus, produce super wisdom and power, enjoy great ease and bliss: the result of a chitao life.

These characteristics of mere mind, bare hands, simple breath, single sound, natural movement and spiritual meditation; progress to no mind, no hand, no breath, no sound, no movement and no meditation; these make Universal Chikung easier to learn, easier to practice, but allow for faster progress and higher attainment.

I truly believe, Universal Chikung not only can provide us a physical technique for health and happiness, it can also build a ethical structure of Tao of Life, and pave a spiritual way, lead us to be marvelous beings, to live a heavenly life.


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Universal Chikung consists of six processes. The first is Body Relaxation. It is a method to relax our body and mind, so as we can more efficiently draw in the universal chi to enliven our body and enlighten our mind. The second is Chi Movement. It is a method of how to gather the universal chi, to unify with our internal chi, and how to apply the unified chi.

The third process is Port Activation. It is using our fingers to point at our chi ports, so to invigorate our body systems and their functions. The fourth process is Chikung Exercise. It is a course to exercise our body, at the same time draw chi to vitalize our body. The fifth process is Chikung Massage. It teaches how to massage our body with chi, so as to reap more benefit.

The sixth process is Spiritual Meditation. Itís a way to unify human with universe, to improve human into super beings, and to build a paradise on earth. We hope, not only we may have a high level, heavenly, present life. We hope more, that we may have a better, future or after life. That is the ultimate goal of Universal Chi Tao and Chi Kung.

In addition, there are lessons, which teach us how to exercise spontaneously, how to apply chikung to prevent and cure disease, how to beautify our figures and faces, making humans more shapely and lovely.

All these processes and lessons are designed by: selecting the important chikung essences, applying the advanced chikung and science theories, and creating proficient methods. Together, they make Universal Chikung easy to learn, easy to practice, yet very beneficial and effective.

These processes are unified to teach in three levels or courses. The first course is very simple; itís the foundation of Chi Kung and Chi Tao. The second course is a little complicated; it includes some complementory processes to ensure the success of Chi Kung and  Chi Tao. The third course returns to simplicity, returns to an even simpler first course; however, it can experience a deeper bliss, explore a higher space.

If you have the time and intention, you can pursue to learn the whole course; otherwise, you can simply learn and practice the first course. Itís good enough to increase your health and happiness, achieve a successful high-level life.

It is my sincere hope that all human beings can learn this kind of Kung and live according to its Tao. By applying its principles and processes, adding our intelligence and diligence; we can gradually improve our personal, social, and global conditions; eventually create a happy and harmonious, powerful and prosperous, moral and marvelous humanity and society.

Unifying spirit and energy, universe and humanity, science and religion, supernatural and futurity; we do believe may improve human into super beings, can build an idealistic yet realistic, spiritual and scientific, paradise or wonderland -- right here on this solid earth.

                                                                                          Kuo-pen Yung
                                                                                          October 10, 2000


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