Universal Chi Tao Comes! 

 Universal Chi Tao! Come!!!

Welcome to join
Universal Chi Tao Association
A nonprofit and humanitarian organization
to study and enjoy
Universal Chi Tao and Chi Kung

A super theory and simple practice
Teaching with an online/offline free course
Designed and developed by
Kuo-Pen Yung
Dedicated to:
Increase human health and happiness.
Eradicate human war and wickedness.
Create an easeful, peaceful, beautiful and blissful worldly paradise.

**                **                **

Universal Chi Tao Psalm
Increase vitality and creativity.
Enjoy health and happiness.
Improve society, produce prosperity.
Achieve mightiness and righteousness.
Diligence and intelligence get fast progress.
Faith and perseverance make fantastic success.
Mercy and merit beget great fortune and infinite might.
Morality and purity create marvelous humans
and earthly paradise.
 * *              * *               **

People with hope and love!
Please join us and study with us!
Let's get together and help one another;
To be healthy, wealthy, mighty and happy.
No enrollment procedure, screener;
No membership fee and any fuss.

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Join Is A Joy
Join a health house get good health.
Enter a wise society get high sagacity.
Let's enjoy being all enlivened and enlightened.
Create a wonderful world of peace and prosperity.
Giving Is A Blessing
Give any contribution to humanitarian works,
Get worthy rewards from heaven and earth.
Help people to be healthy and happy,
Health and happiness rise and return.
Though no giver cares for gain,
It's a very fair and natural thing.
Giving is a double-sided blessing.
Giver will be an ever-gifted being.




* The heaven photo: thanks to NASA's HubbleSite.
   The human photo: thanks to Madm/Mr Unknown